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 Server MIGHT be coming back online!

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PostSubject: Server MIGHT be coming back online!   Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:12 pm

Hello all,
I'm sorry to announce that server has been down for a VERY long time due to the Lead Admin shutting
down the Server. But I am happily to announce that WoWRage might be coming back online! With doing so,
I will need to make the server again, we will be using Hamachi sadly enough. If anyone knows how to get it
online without Hamachi, I will gladly reward them^.^. I will need a brand new Staff for this new Server , this
is a project I am willing to work on, I will need the communities help though.

Things that I will be changing.
-New Website!(Forums, Portal)
-New Database.
-New Server.
-New Staff.
-Some sort of Voting System.(Xtreme Top 100 probably.)
-Need help taking it off Hamachi. ( Hamachi is a pain, and I'd be happy if someone knew how to take it off of it.)
-More people!
-Instant 70 Realm ( Sorry at the moment, I will not have it as 225)
-Possibly a Blizzlike Realm.
This can all be done with the help of the community here, please if you are still on the forums,
suggest ideas for me. Thank you.

See you on the forums.

PS- This might not be happening till the End of May. ( Around May 22 or so it will be in commission.)
Or if anyone could help with it, Busy through May sadly.
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Server MIGHT be coming back online!
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