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 GM Burnknight

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PostSubject: GM Burnknight   Fri Jul 24, 2009 12:25 pm

1: What is your In-Game name(s)? Burnknight

2: Do you have any <GM> Experience? If so, list commands or anything that will convince us.
I have lots of experience with mangos server and arcemu server i know all the commands
.add .mod .tele . lookup .mod rep [Faction] [number] ect i know what im doing and i like using mangadmin it helps out on mango servers

3: Have you played Retail WoW (Real WoW)? If so, please list your Level, class, and any other descriptions.

yes i have played retail for about 3 years
first i had a tauren warrior got him to 70 and when the expansion for WOTLK came out i switched to alliance and have a human 80 DK the server is perenolde and i'm in one of the best guilds on the server we have downed everything

4: If you are picked to be <GM>, what would you do?
I would do my best to help out the server as much as i can i like doing tickets and helping players with anything that i can. Also i am fair and commanding when it needs be.

5: Do you speak/type proper English? You will need proper grammar.
English is the only language that i speak very well i know a little spanish but only enough to tell what the conversation is about but not enough to join in. Also i'm 24 so i have been through school and some college.

6: If there is anything you could change on the server, what would it be? *Details!*
The amount of players we can always use more players lol

7: Give us some details about you, we want to know you better.
I graduated High school in 2002 and joined the U.S. Marines i was only 17 at the time i spent 2 tours in Iraq and got out of the Marines in 2007 i started playing WOW while i was in and haven't been able to stop since. Now i work construction and play wow lol

8: How can we contact you? *Do not give us your phone number*
--Acceptable contact info: Emails, Messenger, etc.
Email is[] yahoo messenger is [biggd1884] MSN is []

10: Any other info about you.I would really like to be a GM again on your server and i think that i can help out alot here.
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GM Burnknight
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